I recently updated to the OS X Yosemite developer preview on my macbook air and I’ve been loving it so far. It’s smooth and there are only a few bugs. All my software run fine & overall it doesn’t feel like a developer preview.

I try my best to look for an efficient way of being more productive. I can get distracted pretty easily so I try to get rid of any distractions and anything that can divert my attention.

Launching Apps

I’ve removed the launchpad from my dock (and disabled the pinch gesture) and strictly use spotlight for launching apps. Viewing all my apps in a grid of icons is too much of a distraction.

I only have the apps I’m working with at the moment on my dock - & I don’t have it hidden.

I’ve also turned off the dashboard. There’s a simple way to turn it off in system preferences > Mission control.


I try not to have too many apps installed. Apart from the default Apple apps. I have only a handful of apps installed.

Apps I frequently use include Sublime text, browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), Ember, Airmail, Simplenote, Spotify, Colorsnapper, Adobe Photoshop & Github.

I also use a few chrome extensions like Google keep which easily syncs notes with my Android device.


I recently got a 2014 Macbook Air 13” and it’s been great. The battery life is awesome and I can say it’s the best purchase i’ve made this year.

I installed Android L (Dev Preview) on my Nexus 4 some days ago.. I hope to use it for while and write a mini-review.



One of the design practices that we like to follow is try to design the simplest possible thing for the user first. See if you can get away with that, prove that you need more complexity before you add it.

- Matias Duarte

“If there are no constraints, it’s not design — it’s art.”
Matias Duarte