I hate Google Chrome’s new “new tab page”. 

There used to be an option to revert to the old one in the “chrome:flags” settings, but Google recently removed that option.

So, I had to look for extensions to replace the new tab page. I found several good ones, but few were as minimal as I wanted, till I found “Humble New Tab Page”.

It’s simple and highly customizable.

Here’s what my new tab page looks like.. Perfect.

Have you ever seen something that someone else made that you just hated? What happened next? Did you rush to Facebook or Twitter to share your disdain with the world..

Random Lagos:

Sometime last year, I started a little photo blog of places in Lagos. Nothing fancy or professional - Just pull out my phone & snap!

Check it out - http://randomlagos.tumblr.com

One challenge I have with Jekyll on Github pages is the fact that I can’t blog wherever and whenever I want to. Because the blog practically resides on my PC, I have to be on my PC to post or make any update..

“All good ideas are terrible, Until people realize they are obvious. If you’re not willing to live through the terrible stage, you’ll never get to the obvious part.”


Ever since Google acquired and ceased development of Sparrow, I’ve been looking for that mail app that would take it’s place on my dock.

Sparrow was perfect. It was simple, could connect to dropbox and CloudApp for file attachments, Facebook for sender image etc.

It didn’t do everything a mail app could possibly do, but it did had the right features and worked really well.

Recently, I bought Airmail. Touted by reviewers to be the Sparrow replacement. At first glance, It looked like it but after installing and using it for a while, I don’t think I agree.

What made Sparrow a hit was the simplicity. Airmail looks simple, but really isn’t. It has too many features. It wants to do everything, and that’s a big problem. It feels buggy & unfinished. For instance, the “preferences” window is a mess. Too much going on.

Anyway, I’m back to Sparrow for now. No future updates, but it’s a fair trade-off. 

It was 6pm when I left the office, it’s 9pm now, and I’m still on my way home. I’m in a rickety bus, listening to “Because the internet”, and reading “Remote: Office not required”.

It’s funny.

On my way home, I like to think of my plans and the next steps. This short period of the day when I inhale these *cough* exhaust fumes is called motivation. This ain’t the life man!