I recently had a problem with my macbook. It froze as I was working with it & i had to force-shut it down. When I put it on, it just showed a white screen, then a blinking folder with a question mark sign on it.

I checked it up online & it seemed the problem was the hard disk. Either it couldn’t find the system files & software required to start up or it was damaged.

So, i tried resetting the PRAM but nothing, I also tried to safe-boot, online recovery & other startup options, but no luck. The hard drive was not detected.

I didn’t want to believe my hard disk had crashed (‘cos most of my files were not backed up) so I removed my hard disk and inserted it in a friend’s laptop & lucky for me, it booted.

So, I checked online for the hard drive cable ‘cos it was either that or the logic board (that’s what Apple calls their motherboard).

I went to computer village to buy it & got it for N10,000.. Which wasn’t too bad. (Compared to the price on Amazon).


I fixed it and voila! My laptop was back to life! And so was I.

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